Best Fitness Trackers

We all analyze the stats and records of our favorite athletes and sports teams, so why not monitor your own stats and PR’s? While runners have had GPS watches for a long time, fitness trackers of all kinds are finding different niches in the sports industry.

I haven’t used CARV since it’s currently pre-order only, but I’m thinking about getting on that list and seeing what this can tell me about my skiing. There are a handful of apps that track your vertical feet and speed, but nothing quite like this tracker that analyzes your technique and gives you feedback.

I’ve been a fan of the Garmin Forerunner watch for a long time. I’ve got a pretty old model and the thing won’t quit! They last a long time, pick up GPS quickly and tell me exactly the stats I want to know without a ton of unnecessary buttons. I don’t train off heart rate, but some of the models have that feature in case you like those numbers too. I’ve taken a few of the new ones for a spin with my running group and I will definitely be sticking with the Forerunner line when it’s time to upgrade my watch.

Fitbits and Jawbones are great for everyday if you’re like me and you have an office job – they will remind you to get up and move around! That’s my favorite feature because it helps me remember to go for a short walk and stretch out my legs and back. Sitting at a computer all day is rough and for me causes shoulder knots. Having a little reminder to move around regularly has helped me combat that issue.

What fitness trackers do you guys use? I haven’t found one that I particularly like for hiking, although I wear my fitbit and it will equate my hike to climbing stairs which always makes me laugh.

-Just a note: I’m not paid to blog, or mention any products. All opinions are my own, and these are products I find suitable for myself.-